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GLOW Collagen Juice
Limitted quantity
$28.90 - 8 Servings
Hydrolysed type 1 marine collagen with sweet fragrance of lychee with goji goodness and juicy mango with sweet peaches. And yes, our seasonal flavour is back in stock but only in limited quantity!


Lychee Goji Collagen
Out of stock
$14.90 - 4 Servings
Hydrolysed type 1 marine collagen with sweet fragrance of lychee paired with goji goodness
Mango Peach Collagen
$14.90 - 4 Servings
Hydrolysed type 1 marine collagen with juicy mango and crunchy sweet peaches


Blueberry with Açaí Berry
Bestseller - Antioxidant Booster
$8.00 - 4 Servings
Canadian blueberries with manganese with an added boost of antioxidants from açaí.
Passion Fruit with Camu Camu
Bestseller - Immunity Booster
$8.00 - 4 Servings
Passion fruit for iron, magnesium & vitamin B3 to boost energy, enriched with Camu Camu.
Soursop with Chia Seeds
Bestseller - Omega 3 Booster
$8.00 - 4 Servings
Tropical, creamy soursop with added Chia seeds to boost fiber, antioxidants and Vitamin B6.
Calamansi Ginger with Kale
Detox Booster
$8.00 - 4 Servings
Calamansi with refreshing hints of spicy ginger, and added kale for an immunity-boosting detox.
Dragon Fruit with Chia Seeds
Omega 3 Booster
$8.00 - 4 Servings
Dragonfruit with Chia seeds to boost fiber and antioxidants, Vitamin B2 for healthier brain growth.
Tamarind Pineapple with Turmeric
Digestive Booster
$8.00 - 4 Servings
Sweet, sour tamarind and juicy pineapple for the perfect cure to post-meal bloats.


Mint Green LUNA Bottle
350ml Tritan BPA-free bottle
$18.00 - 1 Bottle
LUNA is made from Eastman Tritan(™) new generation copolyester, can contain liquids from -10°C to 95°C, is impact-resistant and leak-resistant. Use it for accurate measurements of each servings of your Doki Doki superfood juices.


100% Pure Açaí Powder
Rich in antioxdants, fiber and aids weight loss
$30.00 - 100 grams
Make your own açaí smoothie and bowl with our 100% pure açaí powder, freeze dried to preserve the natural goodness of this nutrient-rich Brazilian berry.
100% Pure Camu Camu Powder
Rich in Vitamin A, C and boosts immunity
$30.00 - 100 grams
Add a teaspoon of 100% Pure Camu Camu powder to your smoothies or bowls for immunity boosting goodness.